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1934 Delage D6-11

Chassis #: 37445

Mileage: 7,240km​

Price: $90,000

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The previous owners goal was to restore this car to preservation class standards; mechanically completely sound while savoring the incredible patina. His wish was to drive and participate in several vintage rallies and shows. Redline performed the following repairs. 

The motor was found to be free and turning with no issues. The oil pan was removed and cleaned. The bearings were inspected and were in very good condition, confirming the 7,000 original Kilometers shown on the odometer. New gaskets were installed with fresh oil. The carburetor and distributor were both rebuilt and function as intended. The transmission was removed and inspected. The flywheel was resurfaced and the clutch was rebuilt including a new throwout bearing. 

The braking system was disassembled and rebuilt. New cables were installed and the brake drums were machined, resurfaced and adjusted. The radiator was re-cored at a cost of over $3,200. The valve cover was removed and re-sealed. 

Additional rebuilt items include the starter, generator and water pump. The gas tank was removed, cleaned and sealed accompanied by fresh hoses. 

The D6-11 engines had a fibre camshaft gear. They all fail so the front timing cover was removed for gear inspection. It was found in good condition due to the car's low-mileage. However, it was changed to an updated unit. The seal was replaced and the cover reinstalled. The oil pump bypass valve was in bad condition due to the materials used by Delage in period so it was bypassed as it is not really needed. The motor received a full tune-up and has great oil pressure hot or cold. A compression test showed almost even numbers across the board. The engine and transmission run and shift smoothly and quietly. The doors do not hang and close better than a fully restored example. Some of the wood was restored in the process.

The gauges are in very good condition with only one missing. The one gauge and can be easily found/sourced. It has headlamps but not correct, these also easily can be sourced. 

The body still wears it’s original paint. There is very minimal rust for it’s age, one running board was repaired but the floors are entirely original. The front windshield was replaced with safety glass. One lower aluminum door moulding is missing, these are easily replaceable. The side lamp lens is missing but can be sourced. 

The front two rims, tires and tubes were replaced. The rear tires were also replaced but we recommend replacing the rims with a set to match the front. A Delage radiator badge is needed and a correct badge can be found without hesitation. Wiper arms and blades are needed. It has totally original wiring and should be addressed. 

If you are viewing this car on, then you know many of the parts can be found on this very site! 

The engineering of the D6-11S was way ahead of its time. The independent front suspension design is still used today. Videos of the car running and driving as well as, the doors closing are available upon request. The original interior in some areas is too nice to replace. It is astounding how well this car runs and drives in its original condition.