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1939 Delage D6

VIN #: 51820

Mileage: N/A

Transmission: Manual

Exterior Color: French Blue

Interior Color: Black

Condition: Mint

Price: Please Inquire

Redline Restorations is proud to present to you this beautiful, Concours award-winning Delage D6 3Litre race car.

Full, no expense spared restoration performed in 2004 at our facility!
This vehicle has participated in many Concours level events, very successfully and we're now offering this stunning, completely restored prewar racer.

Original Cotal preselector transmission

Chassis number 51820 completed the following races in period:

– Grand Prix D'Anvers in April of 1939
– 24 Hours of LeMans in June of 1939
– Grand Prix Du Comminges in August of 1939
– Mille Miglia in April of 1940

At the beginning of 1939, Delage decided to create a works team. That April of 1939, Paul Pinier supervised the design, research, and construction of two factory cars, bearing respectively the chassis numbers 51820 and 51821. By the end of 1939, the construction of the two cars is finished. The designated drivers are Louis Gerard and Georges Monneret

Throughout the years, Delage had many successes in the racing arena. Sadly, it was not enough. In 1935, their fortunes change. The company closed due to bankruptcy and was bought by Walter Watney, the owner of used Delage car dealerships in Paris. A machine tool company purchased the main factory in Courdevoie. Delahaye, another famous automobile manufacturer of the time, bought the rights to manufacture cars under the Delage name. The Delage models that followed were based on the six and eight-cylinder Delahayes, though many retained unique Delage qualities, styling, and abilities.

The Delage marque's first visit to the 24 Hours of LeMans was in 1923, the inaugural running of the event. Under Delahaye's care, a revisit to the event was planned for 1936. Delahaye realized the importance of racing and how it promotes brand recognition and wanted to continue the legacy of the Delage marque on the racing circuit. Monoposto racing was deemed too competitive and expensive as government-backed teams were battling it out for ultimate supremacy. The idea to return to LeMans was approved, and Delahaye supplied Louis Delage with a chassis and three-liter engine. Delage outsourced the body to Joseph Figoni, noted stylists and aerodynamicist who carefully clothed the capable rolling chassis in a wind-defiant body. It was given the name, D6-70 Speciale and expectations were high for the nimble machine. Unfortunately, the car would have to wait to prove its potential, as a strike across Europe cause the event to be postponed.

All was not a complete loss; the car was shown on the Concours circuit where its elegant body impressed and amazed onlookers. It was brought to sprints races, hill climbs, and various other races where it enjoyed its intended purpose. It was driven in the Rallye Monte Carlo and Rallye Du Maroc before being brought to the June edition of the LeMans race. The car did well, finishing fourth overall and First in Class.

After the race, the Figoni coupe body was removed and given a roadster body with coachwork by Figoni & Falaschi. The racing pedigree for the machine continued, acquiring a victory in the 1938 Tourist Trophy. The success at this venue inspired the creation of two similar cars. Much attention was given to reducing the vehicle's weight as much as possible. They were given lightweight chassis and other improvements and brought to the LeMan where they were driven to a second-place finish, and First in Class.

This particular vehicle has a full history report by Patrick Faucompre performed on October 21, 2005. A member of the Society of Automotive Historians, Ferrari & Bugatti clubs, BOC, ABC & Bugatti trust member.

Photos by experts and informational gatherings by: Michael Courtonne, Patrick Pfaucompre, Hubert Croisile and Rimsey mills.

Also FIA & FIVA documentation upon request, however, some are located within our photo listings.

Thank you for your interest and happy motoring!

*Registration, Tax and Title services NOT included in the price*