1959 Bocar XP-5

VIN #: N/A

Mileage: 7,000 on current build

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Condition: Mint

Exterior Color: Red

Interior Color: Brown

Price: Sold

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Redline Restorations is pleased to offer this fully restored 1959 Bocar XP-5. This car’s history is entirely accounted for and is as authentic as they come. Purchased new in 1959 from the Bocar factory by D. Empfield of Casper, Wyoming. This car was then taken into possession by his wife after his passing in 1965, remaining in Casper, Wyoming.


In 1982, the car was sold to a well-known car collector Dennis Machul, who owned the BOCAR for a strong 13 years! Throughout this time the vehicle ran multiple 1000 mile venues, such as the Colorado Grand and the Copperstate 1000. During this time Dennis removed the period-correct Chevrolet small block and installed a highly modified replacement Chevrolet small block 383 stroker engine, generating nearly 400 horsepower thanks to a 12:1 compression ratio, billet rods, custom ground Smith racing camshaft on a full roller-rocker setup. This setup is extremely enjoyable on the street and not a full-blown race car like you'd think, rest assured, there are no overheating or reliability issues of any kind with this extremely well sorted example. Very capable in continuous traffic and around town usage for hours on end if need be. Cooled by a custom-built Be-Cool radiator setup for safety purposes, a complete custom ATL fuel cell with an electric fuel pump has replaced the old dangerous units...while feeding brilliant 50DCO Weber carburetors mounted to a cross ram intake manifold. 


In 1995 Mr. MAK, a collector in Hong Kong purchased the vehicle and quietly enjoyed it for nearly 7 years.


The Blackhawk Collection purchased the vehicle from Mr. MAK in 2002, shortly after its purchase it was piloted on the Colorado Grand once again. At this time (and to our belief) this was the vehicle's 8th appearance.


In 2004 the vehicle was purchased by a client of ours out of Bedford, New York. Deciding to change the color from its original red to black, upon doing so, the thin and cracked fiberglass was restored and Drivetrain refreshed, major maintenance performed along with new head gaskets and clutch. The vehicle was displayed at various Concours sanctioned events after its rehabilitation, as well as participating again at the Colorado Grand.


In 2012, the car was sold to its current owner and client of Connecticut. Our client, and most recent owner, decided to bring the vehicle back to her original color - red. Followed by upgrading the wheel and tire package to something safer and more reliable, along with a custom plexi-windowed hood to increase air flow and display the vehicle's amazing cross-ram setup. The BOCAR currently has a U.S Title and Registration, making ownership and street drivability absolutely worry free.


This vehicle remains an instant entry and crowd favorite to both Concour level events and any sanctioned SCCA/1000mi rally venue.


With the power of a muscle car and style of only a few, spending millions on a vintage Ferrari or equivalent seems almost wasteful when this vintage swiss-army knife does just as much!


Rest assured, there are no overheating or reliability issues with this extremely well sorted example. Cooled by a custom routed and built Be-Cool radiator, thermostat and water pump, along with a custom-built oil cooling system and for safety purposes, a complete custom ATL fuel cell with an electric fuel pump have replaced the old dangerous units... while feeding brilliant 50DCO Weber carburetors.  


Although the vehicle can be run on 93 (pump gas), the car is currently optimally tuned to run on 100 Octane or greater race fuel with a power to weight ratio feel of any "big block Cobra" with less weight over the front axles!


The powerful 383 is mated to a period-correct 4-Speed manual transmission and 3.70 gears in the rear end. This car is more than capable of being comfortable at highway speeds and is capable of a top speed in excess of 140 MPH. The wheels that are on the car are custom sized 17” Halibrand alloy wheels, radial tires for improved grip with a knock-off lug that cover a custom Wilwood (front and rear) disc brake kit.


All of which could be converted back to the original BOCAR spec.


This is one of 8 vehicles or less still in existence, and even fewer retain the original BOCAR chassis. Not to be confused with "Triumph" frame vehicles, the tubular Maserati/Ferrari like frame residing in this vehicle was manufactured by the Bocar factory in 1958. The original Porsche Torsion style rear and VW inspired front end still remain intact for originality purposes.



This car is sold with the original hood, the period-correct 283Ci engine, and the (optioned) original/RARE Borrani aluminum wire wheels.


This car is currently for sale at Redline Restorations for $298,000.00  Call us at (203) 355-9555, inquire via email Sales@RedlineRestorations.Net or visit us in person at 2475 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock CT.