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1961 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder

VIN #: 101.1269

Mileage: 40,576 km/25,212mi

Transmission: 5-speed Manual

Interior: Red Leather

Exterior: Silver

Price: No Longer Available

   The 3500GT debuted in 1957 as Maserati’s flagship Grand Tourer in direct competition of the Italian native, the Ferrari 250 California. The 3.5L twin-cam, twin-plug inline-six was adopted from the 350S race car and produced 220-250 horsepower. The 3500GT Coupe and Spyder examples are mechanically almost identical, with a few key modifications to compensate for the lack of the roof.

   The 3500GT coupe examples quickly became renowned for their ‘Superleggera’ or superlight aluminum body. While Vignale Spyders features a steel body and doors for added rigidity, the hood and trunk lids were made of aluminum to save weight where possible. The Spyder also featured a 4-inch shorter wheelbase than the coupe to improve handling.

   The Spyder examples were not introduced until 1959; Alfredo Vignale produced 242 examples in total. This brilliant silver example is equipped with Borrani wire wheels, front disc brakes, rear aluminum drums, a 5-Speed ZF Gearbox, and three Weber carburetors. The vibrant red leather interior features factory power windows, original Jaeger instruments, and a period-correct Blaupunkt stereo.

● Weber Carburetors
● Rare Borrani Wire Wheels
● 5-Speed ZF Gearbox
● Power Windows
● Blaupunkt Radio
● Production Date: 4/21/1961

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