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2005 Bentley Continental GT

VIN #: SCBCR63W45C028396

Mileage: 36,000

Transmission: Automatic

Drivetrain: AWD

Price: Sold

The engine is a twin-turbo version of the German sedan's 48-valve W-12; in the Continental GT, it produces a mighty 551 horsepower at 6100 rpm and 479 pound-feet of torque at just 1600. Transmission is a six-speed automatic with semi-manual mode and paddle shifters behind the wheel. All-wheel drive is standard. And, as in the VW, the chassis consists of air springs with multiple links and vented disc brakes with ABS at each corner. Zero to 60 mph takes a mere 4.5 seconds, and the quarter-mile flashes by in just 12.9 seconds at 109.7 mph. For reference, the GT can even outgun a Porsche 911. Top speed, which we were unable to verify (not having a handy autobahn), is said to be close to 200 mph--and we have no reason to doubt that claim. The Continental GT doesn't feel anywhere near as quick as it is. Acceleration is completely undramatic, even unexciting. Engine noises are muted by the two turbos, and those W-12 sounds that do permeate the cockpit are more "whooshy" than "screamy." You barely feel the transmission upshifting, and wind roar is minimal.

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