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Terms for vehicle storage at Redline Restorations

Please carefully read the following terms:


PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Occupant is required to provide proof of ownership at the time the vehicle is dropped off.


PROPERTY RENTED: Occupant agrees to rent a vehicle parking space(s) located at 2475 Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport, CT.


OPEN CHARGES: All Charges must be up to date prior to removal from the property.


LATE CHARGES: If the monthly rent and all other charges due are not received in full by their required due date, Occupant will pay a late charge fee of $50 per time frames addressed in the payment terms, in addition to the per month rental charge.


RENTAL OF REAL PROPERTY: Occupant understands that this is a rental agreement concerning real property and that the Owner is not a warehouseman and is not responsible for any property stored by Occupant.


ACCESS HOURS: The facility is open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Any access outside these times must be by appointment only.


CONDITION OF PROPERTY: Occupant has looked at the space and the surrounding areas and found them to be in satisfactory condition.


STORAGE: Occupant will store only property that the Occupant owns and will not store property that is claimed by another person or in which another person has an interest. Occupant is required to provide written proof to Owner that the property is adequately insured by the Occupant.


LIMITATION OF OWNER'S LIABILITY: Owner will have no responsibility to Occupant or any other person for damages to their property, or any injury to them unless Owner intentionally causes the damage or injury. Occupant will be responsible for any damage or injury not caused by Owner's intentional conduct.


NO INSURANCE: Occupant understands that Owner does not, and will not, insure Occupant's property. Occupant has the sole responsibility for insuring its property.


MECHANICAL WORK: Mechanical work may not be performed by the Occupant while the Property is stored at Redline Restorations.


KEYS: Occupant must provide a set of keys to be kept at Redline Restorations.


ENDING THE RENTAL AGREEMENT: Owner may end the rental agreement if Occupant breaks any promises made in the Rental Agreement or if Occupant abandons his or her property at the facility.


CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Occupant will inform Owner in writing if Occupant changes his or her address.


ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Rental Agreement states Owners and Occupant's complete agreement and replaces all other oral and written agreements between Owner and Occupant.


VALIDITY OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT: If any part of this Rental Agreement is declared invalid, the rest of the Rental Agreement shall remain in effect. If any part of the Rental Agreement is inconsistent with Connecticut law, the applicable provisions of Connecticut law shall be considered to be substituted for the inconsistent provision.



  • Payments are due by the first of each month.

  • Payment by check or money order is on the initiative of the occupant - invoices or reminders will not be issued.

  • Payments received after the 5th of the month will be assessed a late charge.

  • An additional late charge will be assessed for each 10 day period that payment has not been made. This will occur on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month.

  • Payments not made for a 60-day or greater period allows Redline Restorations to remove the vehicle from indoor storage. Redline Restorations is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles that have been removed from storage due to non-payment.

  • Payments not made for a 90-day or greater period allows Redline Restorations to assume the vehicle is abandoned & a mechanics lien will be placed on the vehicle to obtain a title.

  • Depending on occupany start date, the first months storage charges will be prorated accordingly.



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