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Harley-Davidson XR750

VIN #: N/A

Mileage: TMU

Transmission: Manual

Exterior Color: Harley Orange

Seat Color: Black


Price: No Longer Available

The info next to the signature on the front number plate of this motorcycle says it all: nine championships, 94 wins. That’s the record that still stands of the sport’s most decorated rider; AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer Scott Parker, and the tuner who kept him on top, Hall of Famer Bill Werner. Over the course of 21 years, the two became synonymous with winning. This machine, assembled by Werner from parts from the famed Harley-Davidson race shop, was originally destined for Harley’s own Museum, but when Werner retired from the factory, he was given this machine as a parting gift. Dating from the 1980s, the frame is an early C&J “side shocker,” sporting a lay down single rear shock absorber: an enduring tribute to the winning pair, it is completed as close to race-ready as possible.

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