IN the press

  • Hemmings Feature: 1952 Nash-Healey

    Read this fantastic write up on our award-winning Nash-Healey LeMans Racer.

  • Nash Healey On Display At Simeone Foundation

    Read this write up about on our Nash Healey at Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

  • Nezha Race One

    Redline Restorations in collaboration with Ravspec sets out to build a hero car in 10 days for the upcoming movie:

    Nezha Race One.

  • VINWiki Feature: Alfa Romeo 6C

    Colton gives Ed Bolian on how to make a customer  $2.5 million dollars while on lunch.


  • VINWiki Feature: Lancia Built For A War Hero

    Ed Bolian gets the story of a one off Lancia built for a Holocaust war hero.

  • VINWiki Feature: Barn Find Hemi Cuda

    Colton revisits the experience of pulling out a Hemi Cuda with extensive racing history from a barn with Ed Bolian.

  • Jalopnik Feature: Signal R34 GTR

    Jalopnik visits Redline for a look at the infamous Signal Auto R34 GTR.

  • Motorious Feature: Hemi Cuda

    Motorious gets the inside scoop on this French racing legend.

  • 99.1 WPLR Tour

    AJ from the Chaz & AJ show with WPLR 99.1 takes a tour of our facility.

  • Network A Feature

    Professional Drifter Ryan Tuerck drifts the Signal Auto R34 at Monticello  Motor Club.

  • Front Street Media Feature

    Front Street Media gets an in depth look at our previous facility.

  • Network A Feature

    Professional Drifter Chris Forsberg takes a tour of our previous facility.

  • Prime NYC Feature

    Prime NYC gets to sit down with Colton & the Signal R34 GTR.

  • Local News: Make-A-Wish Foundation

    Redline and Make-A-Wish Foundation turn a 18-year-old kidney transplant survivors dream come true.

  • Bridgeport Daily Voice

    State Rep. Steve Stafstrom visits our current facility.

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