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Financing or leasing collector cars are great alternative options instead of outright buying the vehicle. This can be very beneficial to the buyer with how convenient it is and gives you the ability to preserve your capital for other investments. 


  • With just 10-20% down, you can drive away in your dream car with only 5-7 years of simple interest on a car up to $200,000

                            - or -

  • Loan up to $600,000 on a classic, collector, or exotic car (No title needed)


  • Available for new & used exotic, vintage, and luxury vehicles. 

  • Frees up capital for other investments.

  • Leasing a vehicle is not reported to your credit agency.

  • Avoid paying upfront sales tax on the vehicle.

  • Clients can also change cars, or end their lease at any time.

Redline Restorations does not offer financing or leasing through our company but through highly reputable third party financial service providers. We recommend these financial service providers as you are able to apply and find out if you're accepted the same day. Please contact us at 203-335-9555 or and we can assist you in setting you up with the best option.


For more than two decades, Premier Financial Services has been recognized within the automotive industry as an innovator and nationwide leader in lease financing of new and previously owned exotic, vintage and luxury vehicles. They finance cars purchased through authorized and independent dealers, and through private party transactions and auctions.


J.J. BEST BANC & CO. is an independent lender with over two decades of dedication, admiration, and expertise. They are the nation’s oldest and largest classic and collector car lender. They have financed tens of thousands of automobiles from antiques, classics, collectors, exotics, hot rods to kit cars, muscle cars, and sports cars, as well as a wide range of boats and aircraft.


When financing your classic car and collector car, Woodside Credit is all about performance. They are committed to providing their clients with fast, friendly and professional service along with the lowest monthly payments. For over a decade, Woodside has been recognized as the leading lender in the classic car and collector car market by manufacturers, dealers, and automobile enthusiasts. Customers can quickly apply online through this link.

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