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Nash Healey Goes To

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum


     Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia is on the to-visit list of every car enthusiast in the country. It is a non-profit organization, founded by Dr. Fred Simeone, that is tasked with preserving rare and historically significant cars in racing history and recently was named #1 car collection in the world. It was an honor for Redline Restorations to be invited to participate in one of their new exhibitions.



“Best of Britain — British Racing at Le Mans” opened January 4th, and highlights British involvement in the famous race. A beautiful presentation by John Nikas shed light on the many important, and lesser-known facts about the history and provenance of 24 Hours Of Le Mans. After hearing all the stories, it was even more fascinating to see Redline’s own 1952 Nash Healey (that placed 3rd overall in 1952 race) sit proudly on the display with other Le Mans legends, including the Ralph Lauren’s supercharged “Blower” Bentley. 


The cars will be on display through February 2nd, 2020. Please visit Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum to see this and many other exhibits that celebrate humanity’s pursuit of speed and endurance. 

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