Daily Grind | 3/22/19

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Respray Preparation; In our fabrication department, our team is stripping this Porsche 911 SC for a media blast and paint removal. This process is getting the car ready for a respray.

Fixing Sensors; Fred, one of our lead mechanics, is seen loosening bolts off of this Rolls Royce Silver Spirit's power steering pump. He is loosening these bolts to gain access to faulty sensors that need to be replaced.

Primer Preparations; Carlos, one of our body shop specialists, is seen putting tape on portions of this Jaguar XKE to prevent primer overspray. The primer has been placed on some portions of the Jaguar but, is being prepared to be applied in others. After the primer, the XKE is getting a full paint respray.

Seat Belt Installation; Our skilled upholsterer, Sergio, has recently installed seat belts into a Mercury Montclair. Originally, this car was not equipped with front of rear seatbelts. He had to remove both rows of seats to actually install these seat belts.

Bodywork Sanding; Nelson, one of our hardworking bodywork technicians, is seen sanding down the passenger side door of a Ford Bronco. This car is having both doors and door jambs sanded to ensure everything is aligned correctly.

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