Daily Grind | 3/26/19

Engine Work; Nate, Redline's lead mechanic, is seen installing a water pump on a 1962 Corvette motor. This engine was just resprayed orange in our paint booth.

Cushion reinforcement; Redline's upholstery division is second to none. Seen here, one of our upholsterers is fitting hug rings into a front seat cushion off of an Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. These hug rings will support the cushion and keep it in place when the seat is finished.

Control Arm Customization; Rodrigo, our lead fabricator, is seen welding together a new control arm for a client's 1988 BMW M6. This car has been engine swapped with a BMW E60 M5's V10 motor. Along the new engine, this car has also been fitted BMW Alpina rims.

Preparing for Primer; One of our Jaguar XKE's is being prepared for primer in our paint booth. One of our detailers has been wiping the car down with a tack cloth, which is specifically used to remove any excess dirt or sand on any of the cars panels. After every panel is thoroughly wiped down, this car will be applied with primer.

Pop Up Light Fix; Ben, one of our experienced mechanics, is seen opening up a vacuum alternator off of an Oldsmobile Toronado. This mechanism powers the headlights on this car to pop up when turned on. Ben is opening this up to assess what needs to be fixed.

Classified: This car is undergoing a full custom project here at Redline Restorations. One of our fabricators, Galdino, is grinding down excess pieces of metal from the C pillar and hatchback area of the car. This process is helpful in reinforcing important structural components of the car.

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