Daily Grind | 3/27/19

From Rags to Riches; Throughout the years, Redline has exceeded in its class of restoring classic cars. Redline likes to incorporate history into their work, a little bit of a deeper meaning. Our current building and previously inhabited areas have all been settings of classic car dealerships. Pictured above is our old shop, previously the location of an old Studebaker dealership and in the background is a glimpse of our office, now in a classic Ford dealership. So even if there were no cars around, the feel of classic automobilia is in the air. Please visit us anytime at 2475 Fairfield Avenue, Black Rock, CT.

Dust and Sand Removal; Our painters here at Redline use a method of blowing compressed air onto the body of cars prior to being resprayed. This tactic is necessary to make sure that there is no excess dirt or dust present when the car is painted.

More Hug Rings...; Sergio, our upholsterer here at Redline, is seen installing hug rings into a front seat of an Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. These hug rings will keep the seat covers in place once finished.

Wiring Harness Removal; Here at Redline, one of our fabricators has recently removed the wiring harness from a De Tomaso Pantera. In order to remove the wiring harness, our team had to remove the dashboard and center console.

993 Paint Preparation; Gustavo, one of our bodyshop technicians, is seen sanding down the roof of a widebody Porsche 911. This car is being sanded so primer and paint can be applied.

Bracket Alignment; Nate, our lead mechanic, is putting the finishing touches on buttoning up this 1962 Corvette motor. As referenced in yesterday's Daily Grind entry, the motor was recently repainted in our paint booth.

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