Daily Grind | 4/1/19

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Transformation; This BMW E60 M5 V10 motor has been placed into the body of this 1988 BMW M6 here at Redline Restorations. This car has been undergoing the engine swap along with other modifications including a modern day BMW drivetrain and suspension setup for a few months. Our team is putting the finishing touches on the M6 as it's being prepared for pickup.

Dodge Dart Upholstery; Sergio, one of our skilled upholsterers, is seen sewing together leather inserts for a Dodge Dart's seats. These leather inserts will go into the center of the front seats of a clients Dodge Dart.

Lower Control Respray; One of our talented detailers is seen preparing a lower control arm from a De Tomaso Pantera to be painted. Davon is sanding the control arm along with placing putty on it so it is as smooth as possible before it can get repainted.

Wiring Mess; Ben, one of our skilled mechanics, is seen attempting to figure out why this Oldsmobile Toronado's front driver side indicator doesn't work. He is checking to see if it has something to do with the old factory wiring or a previous wiring mistake.

Painted Panels; As seen in this picture, there are body panels from two Ford Broncos and a De Tomaso Pantera that were recently repainted in our paint booth here at Redline Restorations. The green and blue body panels are from the two Broncos and the white panels are from the Pantera. Our team offers state of the art resprays for any make and model.

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