Daily Grind | 4/10/19

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Front Showroom; We recently have adjusted the line-up of cars in our front showroom, adding a color gradient setup. From left to right, we have our eye-catching array of cars featuring a couple of gorgeous Ferraris and other classic Italian cars. On the right moving towards the center, we have our mixture of fine blue automobiles, featuring our award-winning Nash Healey and friends. To complement the 2 schemes, placed in the center are our two Alfa Romeo 6c racecars.

Seat Seam; Sergio, our one of a kind upholsterer here at Redline Restorations is seen tightening the seams of a leather seat insert for a Dodge Dart. These leather inserts will replace the cars factory seat fabric.

Pantera Parts; Today in our paint booth, a slew of our employees are working collectively preparing parts for a De Tomaso Pantera to be resprayed. Once ready, these parts are to be returned to factory specifications, painted in a gloss black.

Porsche 993 Project; This widebody Porsche 993 911 project has just had primer applied to its roof and quarter panels. This car is now ready to be sanded down and prepared for a paint job.

Special Project; Our team here at Redline Restorations is working on a special Mercedes 200s project. This car is having its body patched and prepared for primer and paint.

MG Inspection; Ben, one of our mechanics here at Redline Restorations is seen inspecting the underside of this MG. He is recording everything he feels needs to be replaced and/or fixed.

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