Daily Grind | 4/2/19

Our Showroom; Along with our state of the art restorations services, we also have a number of magnificent cars for sale. For additional information regarding any vehicles in our showroom, feel free to take a look on our website under the inventory tab or come in and take a look for yourself.

Seat Reinforcement; Richard, a fabricator here at Redline Restorations is seen reinforcing and straightening out the base of the De Tomaso Pantera's front seats. The seat on the left is close to being finished whereas the seat on the right has not been restored yet.

Primer Preparation; Our team is seen placing a plastic wrap over this Porsche 911 SC. After the wrap is placed over the car, our detailers will cut off the portions of the wrap that are covering panels that are having primer applied. This wrap is in place to cover portions of the car that are not having primer applied such as the windows.

Mirror Adjustment; Jeff, one of technicians here at Redline Restorations is seen adjusting the mirror on a Navistar International MXT 4x4 pickup. This massive truck was produced between the years 2004 and 2008 in both a 2-door extended cab and a 4-door crew cab.

Sales; Alex, a salesman here at Redline Restorations is seen hard at work. If you have any business inquiries feel free to contact Alex via phone at; +1.203.335.9555 EXT. 13.

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