Daily Grind | 4/24/19

Allard Alignment; This Allard JX2 is having its alignment reset by our mechanics here at Redline Restorations. After the is realignment is completed, this JX2 will regain its silky smooth ride.

Bronco Sand and Buff; This Ford Bronco recently resprayed here at Redline Restorations is being sanded and buffed by Carlos, one of our fabricators. When this is completed, the Broncos paint will look immaculate.

911 SC Primer Preparation; Luis, one of our paint specialists here at Redline Restorations is seen preparing a Porsche 911 SC for primer. The tape is being applied in places that do not need a primer coat.

CB200 Work; Fred, one of our skilled mechanics here at Redline Restorations is seen taking apart a Honda CB200 motorcycle engine. This motor was improperly put together so our mechanics are going to rebuild any damaged portions.

Creativity Without Limits; Redline condones fully-custom builds at any expense. Currently being built is this very cool Mercedes-Benz C-Class, we are converting it into a “shooting brake” body style. The rear end was cut off of a Mercedes E-Class wagon and was welded onto this car. Currently, our fabrication specialists still need to do some finishing touches like using body filler for any unwanted dents and heat shrinking weld warps.

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