Daily Grind | 4/4/19

Leaf Spring Replacement; This 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is currently being worked on in our service department. After being inspected, our team noticed this car had damage to its leaf springs. Our team is now beginning to remove and replace these leaf springs.

Toronado Brakes Bleed; Ben, one of our skilled mechanics here at Redline Restorations is seen bleeding the brakes on an Oldsmobile Toronado. This Toronado is currently undergoing a lot of work to get it back into show condition.

MXT 4x4 Primer Preparation; Luis, a painter here at Redline Restorations is seen masking off portions of the Navistar International MXT 4x4 pickup as it gets prepared for primer. This truck is being prepared to have its rear end resprayed black in our paint booth.

Arm Rest Aphultry; Sergio, our world-class upholsterer is seen removing the leather from a Dodge Darts armrest. After removing the leather, Sergio will begin to cut new leather to apply to this armrest. The new leather will give it a new, high-quality look.

Nash-Healey Steering Box Work; Rodrigo, our lead fabricator here at Redline Restorations is seen readjusting steering box brackets from a Nash-Healey LeMans Racecar. This car has a steering box that is not original, so our team is working on making it fit better in the engine bay.

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