Daily Grind | 4/5/19

This 1976 Toyota Celica GT is a premier example of a beautiful 70's Japanese sports car. This Celica was formally from California and is completely rust free. The pristine GT features a 2.2 liter, 4 cylinder motor with only 51,235 miles on it. The Celica's five-speed manual transmission and 96 horsepower make it a silky smooth weekend driver. Formally known as "The poor man's Mustang" the Celica GT has become the pinnacle for classic Japanese sports cars. This specific example left the factory in January 1976 and remains unrestored wearing its original paint. It has all original components and is in literal Concours condition. For additional information or any questions, please contact us via phone at; +1.203.335.9555.

Primer Preparation; This Mercedes 220s is getting prepared for primer. All of the cars dents and rough patches are being filled by one of our fabrication specialists so it can have primer applied.

Porsche 993 Widebody; This Porsche 993 911 is being wet sanded and prepared for a respray in our paint booth. Wet sanding is the process of smoothining the surface of a car. This is being done so once resprayed, the 993's paint will be prestine.

Control Arm Work; One of our detailers is seen wet sanding one of the control arms off of a De Tomaso Pantera. After being wet sanded, the control arms will be repainted.

Frame Work; Rodrigo, our lead fabricator here at Redline Restorations is seen adjusting the framework of a Jaguar E-Type convertible. This car was previously crashed so our team is now working on giving the frame the support it needs.

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