Daily Grind | 5/22/19

Jaguar Suspension assembly; Rodrigo, our lead fabricator here at Redline Automotive Restorations is seen assembling the suspension from a client's Jaguar E-Type Convertible. He is in the process of making the suspension better than when it came out of the factory.

Upholstery at it's finest; Our skilled upholsterer is seen working on the headliner out of a clients International MXT. He is replacing the factory headliner with a custom diamond stitched one. Our one of a kind upholsterer can handle any special requests.

MGB Idle Adjustment; One of our skilled mechanics is seen working on an MGB's carburetor. He is seen adjusting the cars idle speed to make sure it runs as smooth as can be.

1988 M6 Brake Work; Our team of skilled mechanics have recently finished working on a client's 1988 BMW M6. Our mechanics adjusted the cars brake setup, making them more aggressive. For additional information on what our technicians can do for you, feel free to visit our showroom at 2475 Fairfield Ave, Black Rock, CT 06605, or reach us by phone +203-335-9555.

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