Daily Grind | 5/9/2019

A unique & exquisite location for your next event or special occasion; Here at Redline Automotive Restorations we offer our beautiful space for rent. Our 120,000+ square-foot facility is a vintage Ford dealership that features meticulously restored 1930's brick architecture, with ample industrial character. Our event space is suited for up to 2000 guests with two-and-a-half acres of securely fenced in property for guest parking. For more information feel free to visit our showroom at 2475 Fairfield Ave, Black Rock, CT 06605, or give us a call at +203-335-9555.

458 Full Detail; One of our skilled detailers is seen finishing off a full detail on a clients Ferrari 458 Spider. Once the detail is completed, this car will be ready for the client to pick up and go for a drive in.

World-Class Paintwork; Here at Redline Automotive Restorations we offer world-class paintwork. Whether you want an exact factory match or a custom blend, we have you covered to the highest show finishing standards.

Remote Brake Booster Conversion; Our team of mechanics are currently working on moving the brake booster on clients 1988 BMW M6 which has had a V10 motor swap. This brake booster is usually located in the engine bay of the car but has to be moved to the trunk to fit the massive V10 motor.

Toyota Celica Headliner Replacement; Sergio, our skilled upholsterer here at Redline Restorations is seen replacing the headliner of this Toyota Celica. This car is currently for sale here at Redline Automotive Restorations. For more information about the sale, feel free to visit our website, our showroom at 2475 Fairfield Ave, Black Rock, CT 06605, or give us a call at +203-335-9555.

1965 Thunderbird Convertible Work; Our lead mechanic here at Redline Automotive Restorations is working on numerous wiring issues inside this 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible. This car is currently having issues revolving around its soft convertible top, so our team is in the process of assessing what is broken and how to fix it.

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