Daily Grind | 3/21/19

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Transmission Swap; Rodrigo, our lead fabricator, is lowering a 1968 Ford Bronco on to jack stands. He's lowering this car so he can correctly slide the transmission into place. Previously, this car had a manual transmission which is now being switched to an automatic. During this process, our team removed the cars motor and repainted the engine bay.

Preparations for Paint; Gustavo, one of our body shop specialists, is sanding portions of the Jaguar XKE. Here he is seen sanding the passenger door. Sanding down any rough patches in the body is a key step in preparing this car for a future respray.

Seat Upholstery; Sergio, our upholsterer, is seen bolstering the fabric on the front seat of a Mercury Montclair. He's installing these hug rings into the fabric in order to keep it in place.

Roll Cage Welding; Rich, one of our fabricators, is finishing up welding the top side of the roll bar. He just finished placing gussets into the roll bar to strengthen the welds. This roll bar will eventually be installed into a 1972 Ford Bronco.

Rolls Royce Wiring; Fred, one of our lead mechanics, is working on wiring issues in the driverside footwell of a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. Our lead mechanic has the honor of going through a rats nest of wires in an attempt to chase the wiring issues in the driverside footwell.

Rear Bumper and Taillight removal; Jeff, our head detailer, is seen removing the rear bumper and tail lights from a Porsche 911 SE. He is doing this in preparation for an upcoming respray. It is necessary to remove these parts of the car so nothing obstructs the body while being painted. This 911 has unique unibody construction, meaning that a single molded unit forms the car's entire body.

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