Redline Restorations Sponsors: Savor Local of Fairfield Magazine

Our Cars; Today, the Redline Restorations team sponsored Fairfield County Camille's Fairfield Magazine event at LaKota Oaks Norwalk. We brought our beautiful 2001 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and our 1959 Austin-Healey 3000 for people to admire.

Our Stand; During today's Fairfield Magazine event, Redline Restorations had a stand set up for people to come and learn about our business. At our table, we explained where we are located, what we do, and anything else people were wondering about our company. We also displayed pictures and videos of our work.

Food and Bev; Throughout the event, restaurants and companies offered free samples of their signature food and beverages for people to enjoy. We took full advantage of these samples filling ourselves with a little bit of everything.

Live Entertainment; During today's event, there was live music and comedy for us to enjoy. Comedians from the Fairfield Comedy Club had us well entertained during their performances. Along with the comedians, there was also a live DJ playing music throughout the entire event.

Bar and Lounge; At today's event, there was a luxurious bar and lounge for us to sit down and converse with potential and current clients. This relaxed environment provided us with a great place to talk business.

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