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Sales & Consignment

Offering the best & hassle-free experience available.

Redline Restorations is a world-class automotive destination with an unparalleled record of concours-quality automotive craftsmanship. With over 200 years of combined classic automobile expertise, Redline Restorations offers a top notch buying experience for collectors searching for their next Concours classic or bespoke build. We have been serving the greater Tri-State area for over 15 years, offering a wide variety from rare European Classics to Chrysler Mopar. Whether you are looking for your first classic, building a collecting, or looking to consign your vehicle, our staff aims to provide a world class automotive buying experience.

Vehicle registration disclaimer: Due to longer than expected Department of Motor vehicle wait times, we'll no longer be offering our assistance registering any classic or custom vehicle, UNLESS the vehicle was purchased directly from Redline Restorations within the last 30 days.

Why consign with us?


No upfront fees when you consign with us. We just simply need your vehicle here on the premises and we can get the consignment process started for you!

No Upfront fees


marketing experts

Our marketing team makes sure your vehicle is marketed in the most desirable method for maximum visibility. We crosspost your vehicle listing to reputable online directories such as Hemmings.


peace of mind

We make sure everything on our end is done with due diligence, from when your car arrives all the way through the closing process for the buyer.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is the 13% consignment fee negotiable?  No, the 13% fee is Redline Restorations standard consignment rate.


2. Does my car need to be washed before it is brought in for consignment?  Yes, in order to present your cars we ask that your car be showroom quality. We offer extensive professional detailing services on site.


3. How will you price my car? Can I set the price?  It is very important to disclose as much information as possible about your car during the consignment process. The value is determined by a few variables including model, condition, and historical documentation. We have licensed auction appraisers on site, who will be able to provide an accurate value of the car. A bottom line value is agreed upon between Redline Restorations and the Consignee, Redline agrees to not sell the vehicle below this price without prior approval from the owner.


4. What if I changed my mind and I want my car back?  If the consignment contract is terminated before the 90 day period, the vehicle owner is responsible for any expenses that are incurred during the consignment process.


5. How do I know if my car sold?  The owner will be notified of any reasonable offers made. In the case of a sale, the vehicle owner will be responsible to promptly provide all documentation necessary, such as a title and or bill of sale. 



Please read the terms for consignment sales before submitting your application.

If you would like to discuss the consignment process over the phone instead, please call us at 203.335.9555.

Vehicle Sourcing

Less stress and more enjoyment.

Skip the stress and mundane tasks by allowing us to find you the vehicle you've dreamed of owning. Our goal is to make the car finding and buying experience as hassle-free as possible, so that you can spend more time enjoying the vehicle. With a knowledgeable sales team at hand, we research the best deal (not just the most inexpensive!) for your desired spec, and provide you with options to choose from. We have an entire network of partners around the globe to scour all possibilities. If you are ready to find your next dream vehicle, please email us at
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